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Build your vendor booth
Build your vendor booth

Learn how to prepare your booth for the event.

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The organizer has provided you with access to the Virtual Booth and now it’s time to make it ready for the event.

How to set up your booth

To edit your booth, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Company Portal.

  2. Tap on the Event you are attending.

  3. In the left sidebar menu click the Virtual Booths section.

  4. Select a booth and click Edit to make the changes.

  5. Don't forget to save the changes you've made to the booth.

Booth Settings


This could be the name of the company, product, or just a generic one. (Eg. “Awesome Co.” "Cool Product", “Dream Team”, etc.) It’s up to you and your use case.

Booth Thumbnail

This is a cover image of your booth that will be displayed on the Expo page. It can be any of the 4 available sizes - large, medium, small, and tiny. The size is set up by the event organizer according to your agreements.


You can select custom colors for the top right bar of the booth to match your brand identity. Make sure the text color perfectly fits the background color.


  1. Upload your logo that will be displayed on the white background under the INFO tab, in the right sidebar. (Recommended size: 200x200)

  2. Upload your logo that will be displayed on the dark background in the top left corner. Compact or simplified logo recommended, size: 104x104)


Provide short info about your company. (Up to 500 characters is recommended)


Select those people from your company who can be listed at the booth and present in front of the camera during the event.

Social Profiles

Optionally: Add links to the company's social profiles. (Eg. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)


Optionally: Add files that you would like to share at your booth. (Eg. PDF docs, XLS, etc.) (coming soon)


Optional: upload any graphic (png or jpg), video (mp4), or external video links (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia) or even RTMP to be launched at your booth.

If you're uploading media files, please note that the maximum file size is 5 GB!
Note: The maximum number of media files you can upload is 30.


Optional: you can make a playlist from the uploaded media files and when launched at the booth it will be played in the loop one by one.


Optional: you can choose to include a special offer in your booth, such as a percentage off of a product or service, a coupon code, a giveaway, or whatever you’d like.


Optional: you can post a schedule so attendees learn more about what will happen at your booth.

Please, follow these steps to set up the agenda for the booths activity:

1. Click on the user profile in the upper right corner and choose Company Portal

2. Then click on the Virtual Booths tab, choose the needed one, and press the Edit button.

3. Scroll down to the Agenda inscription.

4. Fill in the details of the activity that you would like to show in the booth agenda, and press the "+" button (it is important).

Do not forget to save any changes! ;)

Ready to start the setup?


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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