How can I know that I am a Moderator?

Usually, this is discussed in advance with organizers of the event. Hosts/moderators of the room are shown in the room preview block and in the detailed description of the room

When you enter the room you will see the "GO BACKSTAGE" button which will lead you to the backstage of the room. Here you can check your device setting.

When you are on backstage you can preliminary decide if you want to share the screen / browser tab / program window. Now you are ready to go live. Just confirm this intention by clicking on "GO LIVE" and then "YES" in the next system window.

Please note that only the moderator can launch the stream from backstage.

At any moment of your session in the room, you can turn on and off your camera and microphone or change the screen sharing option.

Depending on the settings of the room, other attendees can enter it or participate in the discussion. There are four access types of who can view your room: everyone, by request, groups, or individual. You can check more detailed information about it here.

If the type of access is chosen "By request", you will see requests from attendees to enter the room. You need to approve the request if you want this person to enter the room - just click on a tick.

Attendees can also participate in live discussions and join the stream. This possibility can be moderated or available to everyone.
If it is moderated, attendees click on the button "Participate" and the moderator sees +1 near the participant icon. He can decide whether to approve it or not.

Moderator can leave the room if there is more than one person on the live stream - just click on the button "Leave".

If you want to finish the stream just click on the "STOP STREAM" button at the bottom of the screen. You will be taken back to backstage.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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