At some point, the organizer may feel the need to create several menu items with the same functionality, but different content.

This can happen, for example, if you want to divide the expo zone into two parts - for your partners and your sponsors. Or if you want to create several separate sections with the Rooms/Spaces functionality and place workshops in one and hold panel discussions in the other.

How can you duplicate a menu item?

Please click on "Event Menu" in the left-side menu and then "Add New Page" at the bottom of the menu. Please choose the menu item that you need to duplicate and click add.
After you have added a new section, please click on the button "save".

Let's imagine that your goal is to create two different Expo zones. You need to add one more Expo Zone and choose a unique name for it. Please pay attention to the fact that you will still have only one content section with EXPO functionality in your organizer account content bar and it will match the name of the menu item with such functionality, which is the first in the list.

How to create content for duplicate items and how to divide this content into different sections?

Now you can go to the content section and add all content in bulk. In our case, these will be virtual booths for Sponsors and Partners.

The last step is to split the different virtual booths between different menu items. It can be done in the Event Menu→ click on the menu item you want to edit → the Data filter (for each menu item).

Here you can select virtual booths from the drop-down list one by one, or select an entire group or category of virtual booths.

You need to switch on this DATA FILTER for each Menu Item and mention which content should be shown exactly in this place.

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