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Learn how to manage your speaker profile, upload files to your session and go live on the stage.

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Getting Access! πŸ”‘

Entering the Speaker Hub is super simple!

  1. Accept your speaking invitation

  2. Open your mail app and check for an email titled 'Speaker invitation to PINE' from [email protected]

  3. In the email you receive, click Get access. You will be redirected to the Speaker Hub login page.

  4. Sign in

  5. Under "Upcoming Events" you should see the event you were invited to speak for. Tap to view the details.

  6. Under "Sessions" you should see the session/s you were invited to speak at.

Note: You can switch to Speaker Hub at any time by tapping your avatar.

If you can't find the email, check your spam folder or junk mail. Be sure to mark emails from [email protected] as "safe" so no future correspondence gets lost.

Please note that the Speaker Hub is only available in the desktop version.

You can also get access to Speaker Hub via this link.

Managing Sessions

You have an option to upload up to 3 PDF presentations which you can share on the stage and demonstrate to participants of your session.

There is also an option to upload 1 prerecorded video which can be played on the stage during your session. Please pay attention that this is a session moderator who can play this video.

When you are ready to go live on the stage please click Go to backstage.

Backstage Overview

Backstage is where all the magic happens!

It'll be the spot from where you and your team can start the session.

It's also a great idea to jump into Backstage before the event is set to go live and touch base with any other Event Admins (Organizer or Session Moderator), as well as check your devices (webcam/microphone/screen-share) or any presentation materials you added.

Reviewing Your Controls

Immediately at the center of the screen will be a few different admin controls:

  • ability to enabled/disabled microphone

  • ability to enabled/disabled webcam

  • ability to open the sharing menu and start sharing uploaded PDF files, or use the direct screen share options

Just be sure you're ready to actually start since you'll go live once you do!

Chat Space

On the right, you'll also find access to the Chat Space.

The backstage (1) tab in the chat is exclusively for your communication with Session Moderator.

The public (2) tab is a general chat on this stage available for all attendees. You can follow all the feedback and attendees' impressions here. You can create polls in the chat and publish them.

You can learn more about Polls here.


(1) During the session, you have a powerful tool for interacting with the audience - direct questions. For this, we have created a separate Q&A section, which appears during the session.

(2) All participants can vote for each other's questions. In the lower-left corner of the question block, you will see how many people supported this question. This will help you identify the most pressing questions and answer them first.

(3) You can mark the question as answered. Participants who missed part of the session for some reason will be able to find out which questions have already been discussed and will not ask them again.

(4) If you have a lively discussion and your audience is actively involved in the process, there may be too many questions. Therefore, you have the opportunity to hide all the questions that you have already answered.


Ensure you are using the correct email address. Your email should match the one used by the organizer when adding you as a speaker.

If no video/audio

  • If unable to connect after clicking "JOIN", restart the browser.

  • Close other video conference applications (ie. close Zoom).

  • Click the lock icon in the left corner of the URL bar, check that access to both your microphone and camera has been allowed.

  • Click the back button and reenter the room to confirm the camera and microphone selection again.

If poor connection

  • Ensure you are close enough to your router.

  • Close/turn off any unneeded devices or applications that could be consuming bandwidth.

  • In the bottom left corner of the screen, turn off your camera to increase audio stability.

References to change settings:

Please check our guide to find out tips on navigating the Speaker Hub and getting your profile ready for the event.

You're now ready to speak at your upcoming event!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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