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How to gain maximum success of being a sponsor of the event?
How to gain maximum success of being a sponsor of the event?
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Being a sponsor of the event on the PINE platform can be really profitable as there are a lot of features you can attract new clients and increase the revenue of your company.

There are plenty of ways you can customize your virtual booth. For example, you can add CTA buttons, links to your products, media, playlists, handouts, etc.

Please note that you can edit your virtual booth in the Company Portal (read more about it here).

As you are already in the Company Portal, you need to choose a virtual booth that you need to customize - please click on the booth and click on the button “Edit”.

Then you will see a window where all the information about your booth can be updated and customized.

There you can change the naming of the virtual booth or add a preview image to make your booth look perfect. This picture will be visible to attendees in the Virtual Expo, so this booth thumbnail will be a virtual entrance to your booth. There are 4 sizes of thumbnails - large, medium, small, and tiny. The sizes are set by the organizer of the event.

Here you can see all sizes depicted.

You can stylize your booth with colours as well. So you can choose the fill colour and the colour of the text. This may be adjusted according to your company colours or the main colours of your products.

One of the most important tools is to add a logo to your virtual booth. Please note that you need to add two logos - one which will be displayed on white background in the Info tab of the booth and the second one which will be displayed on dark background in the top bar of the booth. There you will find recommendations for the image size.

Then you can add a description of your company, some social profiles and links to your products. Moreover, you can still add members of the booth who can start the stream and be on the booth virtual stage.

Product links will be displayed in the info tab.

You can also add some media files and then create playlists that will be played during the booth activity. Moreover, you can add handouts - some files that you can share with attendees. These can be PDF presentations, images or video and audio documents.
Note: The maximum number of media files you can upload is 30.

You can create various call-to-action buttons that will be displayed in the info tab. You can choose the name for your button, description and emoji to attract more attendees.

And, finally, you can set up your own agenda for the booth activity. Just name your activity and choose the time and date for it.

Please note that it is important to click on the plus to add the activity.

This is how your info tab in the booth may look like for attendees. You can customize it according to your needs and requirements, just try it out! ;)

Moreover, when you are going live with your team at your booth, you can engage attendees to participate in different activities at the booth. So, they can join your stream and take part in a live discussion, etc. It can be a really interesting experience for attendees to communicate with members of the company and ask some questions.

Please note that this participation is moderated, so representatives of your booth should approve it by clicking on the participants’ sign and then press on the green button “approve”.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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