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Learn how you can schedule meetings, how to join it, and how you can add more people to it

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PINE is designed for productive networking during various events. Using the platform it is simple to find new connections and foster them among attendees. That is why we have such a useful feature as private meetings.

How to send a request for a private meeting?

First of all, you need to request a meeting with a person. To do that, please click on the attendee’s profile and press the button “Request meeting”.

Then please choose an available time slot for your meeting, write a reason to meet., and send your meeting request.

You can find attendees by their names using the search bar in the Attendees tab or filter them by tags if the organizer enabled such an option.

You can also schedule meetings in "My meetings" section, just pick the time and select a person you want to meet.

Please wait till your request is confirmed by another user. After that, the confirmed meeting can be added to your Google Calendar, so you will not miss it.

The "Quick Stats" bar will show the statistics of your meetings.

How to start a private meeting?

As a meeting request is confirmed, you need to wait till the date and time of your meeting.

When you are ready, open the “My meetings” tab, choose the scheduled meeting and click the button “Start meeting”.

Wait for your companion and have a productive meeting!

How to add more people to 1-to-1 meetings?

There is a possibility to add more people to your 1-to-1 meetings.

Please note that the maximum number of people that can be added additionally is 7 since there can be a maximum of 9 people in a live stream simultaneously.

To add more people you need to start a meeting and click on the icon of a man with a plus sign. Then, you need to choose the attendees you want to add and click on the button “Invite”.

New members can be invited both before and after the start of the meeting.

Please pay attention to the fact that such a feature is available on a desktop version only.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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