On the PINE platform, organizers can test the event features and functions when the event is in draft mode in order to check if everything works properly.

You can try out all the features on the platform. Please note that such activities as random networking and private meetings are scheduled to a particular date and time. So these functions work according to the set time slots, that is why time and date make sense.

All the tests can be done in the preview mode - just click on the button “Preview Event”. On this step do not forget to check that the menu for your event looks as you expect it to be, all items are present and in the correct order. If there is something wrong, you can set it up in the Event Menu in the organizer account.

The event can be tested with your speakers, moderators, and sponsors, so they can be familiar with the platform itself. Please check that you have added all involved people to the relevant list.

Please note that all organizers (collaborators) will be added to the attendees' list automatically in Incognito mode after they click on the "Preview Event" button.

In order to be visible for others please open the Organizer account and click on the Attendees tab, then you should turn off Incognito mode while editing your attendee profile.

How to test the event with speakers?

Please make sure that you have added all the speakers to the Speakers tab in the organizer account, and check if all of them are connected to a particular session.

In case you want to let your speakers attend the event and watch other streams, do not forget to add them as participants as well to the Attendees list.

To start the tests, you need to invite your speakers to the Speaker Hub. To do that please go to the Speakers tab -> click on three dots in front of the speaker -> choose the option Invite speaker.

You can also check more info on how to add speakers here.

In this case, your speaker will receive an email invitation to the Speaker Hub where he/she can create a password for their profile. Please note that the invitation to a speaker can be sent only once.

There is a full manual on how speakers can use the Speaker Hub.

Then please go to the stage and open the backstage of the needed session. Speakers can go backstage only through the Speaker Hub. In this step, you can test that the microphone and camera work well. Then you can start the session.

Please note that speakers cannot start sessions themselves, they can only finish them.

How to test the event with moderators?

Please make sure that you have invited all moderators in the Settings -> Collaborators. Do not forget to add them to the Attendees list, so they can have access to the stages and other event features.

Usually, moderators make tests with speakers as they are responsible for launching the stream.

On this step please check that all moderators know about the schedule of the event and what sessions they need to start.

Please also check our full Moderator’s guide.

How to test the event with sponsors?

If you want to test virtual booths with sponsors, please check that all members are added to the virtual booth. Moreover, you need to add admins to the company, so these people can edit the booth and info in the Company Portal.

After this step, your sponsors can have access to the Company Portal.

From the Company Portal sponsors can go backstage and test the live stream on their booth. In this case, make sure that you have enabled this function for a particular booth.

Please share this article with your sponsors, so they can set up their booth properly and gain maximum success.

Finally, when you are over with the tests please check before publishing an event that only the needed features are added to an event cost calculator in the Billing tab.

If there are mentioned unnecessary functions, please contact our support team at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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