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How to bookmark activities?
How to bookmark activities?
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When you want to mark something interesting or something that you might use in the future, you can use bookmarks. Also, the biggest advantage of bookmarking is when you want to find something quickly, you can do it easily by checking your Bookmarks (if you marked it in advance, of course).

You can mark a lot of things in this way, for example, various people for further communication, such as Attendees or Speakers who seemed to be someone who you would like to listen to and to learn something new from, Sessions that you would like to attend, which contain interesting topics for you, and different Companies.

There are plenty of variations on how you can bookmark things you want. But the principle is the same for all of them. The label icon is responsible for the bookmark action in PINE, by clicking on which you create a bookmark.

In order to bookmark any event Attendee, you just need to click on his avatar, thereby go to his profile and click on the corresponding icon.

You can also bookmark attendees from the list of participants in the Attendees tab.

If you want to bookmark a Speaker, you should go to the Speakers tab, next to the speaker there will be a label icon, which you should click on to make a bookmark.

In order to add a Session to Bookmarks, you can go to the Sessions tab, and click on the label icon of the session you need, then you can make a new bookmark.

To bookmark a Company, you need to go to the Companies tab, select the company you need and click on the already familiar icon.

All your bookmarks can be found in the Bookmarks tab, which is located at the very bottom of the main event menu.

If you no longer need something, you can remove it from bookmarks by simply clicking on the label icon again.

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