PINE is a self-service platform that offers various support opportunities for organizers before and during their events.

Each subscription has different support levels. Otherwise, no matter what plan you choose you can always contact our support via two main channels - our email and online chat on the website.

Moreover, you have full access to our knowledge database in the Help Center. It is located in the left bottom corner of the screen in the organizer account.

The support level mentioned above is basic and it is available for all organizers for free during business hours.

Please find the Support Coverage hours Monday to Friday below:

9 AM - 10 PM Moscow Time (GMT+3)

7 AM - 8 PM London Time (GMT+1)

3 AM - 4 PM Argentina Time (GMT-3)

2 AM - 3 PM 9 EDT Time (GMT-4)

We also work on Saturdays and Sundays 11 AM - 5 PM (GMT +3).

Moreover, PINE offers different support add-ons that can be helpful to any organizer. This is the list of additional support that can be provided to an organizer according to the subscription plan:

  • Onboarding and training

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Live Event Support

  • Access to Expert Services

Onboarding and training

Onboarding calls and training are designed for a full understanding of the platform and how to create an event. In this case, our manager provides you with a training call that covers various questions about different features and possibilities of the system and event management.

These calls are prepared exclusively for the client’s (organizer’s) request and goals.

  • Onboarding and training calls are not available on the Test Drive plan.

  • You can purchase this support add-on on the Essential plan.

  • When subscribing to the Pro plan you can get 2 calls included if you choose an annual subscription. Then you can purchase extra calls if needed.

  • The number of calls is discussed individually with the manager if you are on the Premier plan.

The cost of this support add-on is $99 per hour.

Dedicated account manager

An account manager is a person involved in the pre-event process (preparing the event, making settings, content uploading). Please note that the account manager supports only organizers and doesn't support sponsors, speakers, etc. The manager will be available via chats, emails, and video calls. The time for calls should be discussed in advance but during business hours.

Account manager’s coverage hours — 9.00 - 18.00 (GMT +2).

The account manager can suggest organizer best practices and this person is not a priority live support during the event. The account manager is available during the day depending on the general schedule of a particular person, but still within the business day. If you need high-priority support during the event - it is another support add-on (live event support).

  • The dedicated account manager is not available on the Test Drive and Essential plans.

  • You can purchase this support add-on on the Pro and Premier plans.

The cost of this support add-on is $399 in addition to your plan subscription (only monthly).

Please pay attention to the fact that the number of calls with the account manager is limited - you have up to 10 calls per billing period, 1 hour for each. You can have 2 calls per week. Days of events are not included. All calls need to be scheduled in advance as well.

Live Event Support

Remote live event support during the event days includes a quick response to the client’s problems and difficulties that arise during the live event. The day before the event, our manager creates a private chat for you and our support team. This chat has predefined working hours according to the event and the client’s needs. An organizer can contact our support team via this chat and receive a fast solution to the problem.

  • Live Event Support is available for purchase on the Test Drive, Essential, and Pro plans.

This add-on costs $249 or $499 per day. The cost depends on the dates and time of the event. If the event is going during our support team working hours, it's $249/day. If not - $499/day. The working hours of our support team were mentioned above.

  • Moreover, this support add-on is included in the Premier plan as well.

Access to Expert Services

This support add-on allows you to involve one of our team members to set up the event or solve any issue that arises while preparing the event.

Please pay your attention to the fact that the access to expert services is available only on the Premier plan.

Please note that all the support features mentioned above cannot be bought without a corresponding subscription to the plan that includes the level of support you need.

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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