❗ Pay your attention to the fact that the subscription will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel it.

❗ If you exceed the number of streaming hours given for tests, you will be charged in any case, no matter published your event or not. You have 1 hour for each type of streaming for free (PINE & RTMP).

The Premier plan is an advanced plan that includes all the possible features and configurations that can be applied to your event.

For getting the information about the pricing policy on this plan, please contact our sales team via [email protected].

On the Premier plan, all the details and properties of your event are discussed individually with our manager.

Please check below the review of the platform possibilities within the Premier plan in various sections: streaming, networking, branding, ticketing, etc.


On the Premier plan, you have the possibility to stream unlimited hours using 3rd party players like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. Moreover, you can stream pre-recorded videos for unlimited hours.

If you want to stream directly through PINE or using RTMP stream, this will be discussed individually and you will get a custom solution to the duration of your streams according to the event program.


On this plan we will design a custom solution for private meetings and random networking features according to your event plan and format, so your attendees could schedule meetings and participate in random networking without any limits.

You get unlimited access to private chats, public group chats, and activity feedback as well.

Please note that 24 hours after the end of the event you will be charged for random meetings and private meetings that took place.

Actionable Analytics

While subscribing to the Premier plan you get access to all types of analytics for each event section.


You get all available possibilities for customizing the platform for your event. So, when subscribing to the Premier plan you can get:

  • Event Menu customization

  • Emails and notifications customization

  • Customization of backgrounds for any section

  • White Labeling

This is also discussed with our team individually, so your attendees could get an unforgettable experience while attending your event.

Company Portal

We provide full access to the vendor self-serve area in the Company Portal. This means that companies can get access to virtual booths, company information, and member management.

Speaker Hub

Speakers can also access the Speaker Hub self-serve area. There they can manage their speakers’ profiles, upload pre-recorded videos and pdf presentations, and go to the backstage area if streams are conducted through the PINE backstage.


On the Premier plan, you have all possible ways of sponsoring. You can upload sponsor ads at different sections of the event. This also includes meeting system sponsoring, random meetings sponsoring, public chats sponsoring, and session sponsoring.


When subscribing to the Premier plan you get two integration opportunities as Ticketing integration, Zapier integration, the possibility to get the Custom ticketing integration, and custom API integrations.

While using the ticketing integrations you can choose from the added ticketing systems on the PINE platform and integrate easily.

You can also use Zapier integration to use the ticketing system that is not represented on the platform within the included ticketing integrations.

Custom ticketing integration involves adding a button “Integrate” to the needed ticketing service.

Custom API integration allows you to integrate existing business systems or third-party APIs to the PINE platform.

Expertise & Support

This subscription plan allows you to use all support add-ons and possibilities provided by our support team.

You can always contact our support via two main channels - our email and online chat on the website.

While being on the Premier plan you get unlimited help from the dedicated account manager.

The LIVE event support is already included in this plan, so you always get a quick response to the various problems and difficulties that arise during the live event.

There is also a possibility to get onboarding and training calls. The number of calls is discussed individually with the manager.

You get access to Expert Services as well. This support add-on allows you to involve one of our team members to set up the event or solve any issue that arises while preparing the event.

Plan Details

On the Premier plan, you have 3 days for your event included. If you want to have more days, you can buy them at a price of $0.50 per registration per extra day.

When subscribing to this plan you get the custom number of registrations that are discussed with the manager individually.

Please note that registrations that were not used during your subscription will disappear from your account if you do not pay for the subscription next month. This way you can hoard the number of registration till your next event if you pay every month on time.

You also have unlimited organizer seats, so you can involve as many collaborators as you wish for preparing the event.

We don’t stop events if limits are exceeded, but you will be charged for overages. Additional charges for add-ons will also apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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