❗ Pay your attention to the fact that the subscription will be automatically renewed every month unless you cancel it.

❗ If you exceed the number of streaming hours given for tests, you will be charged in any case, no matter published your event or not. You have 1 hour for each type of streaming for free (PINE & RTMP).

The Essential plan is the basic one, it includes 100 registrations for 1 month and provides the organizer with access to all the foundational features of the platform. Subscribing to this plan you can be sure that you get a professional tool for creating virtual events.

This plan costs $149 per month. Please note that we do not have an annual subscription to the Essential plan.

Note: The quoted price applies when staying within the plan’s maximum registrations and other limits.

Please check below the review of the platform possibilities within the Essential plan in various sections: streaming, networking, branding, ticketing, etc.


On the Essential plan, you have the possibility to stream unlimited hours using 3rd party players like Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc. Moreover, you can stream pre-recorded video for unlimited hours.

If you decide to stream directly through PINE, you have 1 hour included for streaming using this option. Please note that you can buy more streaming hours at the price of $30.00 per extra hour. Check our guide on how to buy extra streaming hours, registrations, etc.

RTMP streams are also limited to 1 hour. If you want to buy extra hours for this kind of streaming, it will cost you $10.00 per extra hour.

Note: The stream will be automatically stopped in case there are no streaming hours left.

When conducting streams through RTMP you have 15 free minutes that are given as a bonus for you to set up the stream.

Please pay attention to the fact that if you do NOT stop the RTMP stream, but stop the session, you will be charged these streaming hours anyway even if the session is over. We bill for the transmitted content and not for the session hours.


On the Essential plan, you have the possibility to purchase 1-1 meetings and random meetings.

The cost for 1-1 meetings is $1.00 per meeting.

The cost for random meetings is $0.50 per meeting.

Please note that in 24 hours after the end of the event you will be charged for random meetings and private meetings took place.

From our side we bill only meetings that took place - the duration of the meeting is not less than 10 seconds.

Such features as private chats, public group chats, and activity feed are available without any limits.

Actionable analytics

On the Essential plan, you can get all report types for each event section. Please check what statistics are available to the organizer.


You can customize the event menu, emails, and notifications while being on the Essential plan.

Please note that such options as customizing the background of the event for any section and white labeling are not available on this plan. If you require more branding options, please consider our Pro and Premier plans.

Currently, additional branding features are unavailable right now but they will come soon on the Pro and Premier plans.

Company Portal

We provide full access to the vendor self-serve area in the Company Portal. This means that companies can get access to virtual booths, company information, and member management.

Speaker Hub

Speakers can also access the Speaker Hub self-serve area. There they can manage their speakers’ profile, upload pre-recorded videos and pdf presentations, and go to the backstage area if streams are conducted through the PINE backstage.


On the Essential plan, you have all possible ways of sponsoring. You can upload sponsor ads at different sections of the event. This also includes meeting system sponsoring, random meetings sponsoring, public chats sponsoring, and session sponsoring.


When subscribing to the Essential plan you get two integration opportunities as Ticketing integration and Zapier integration.

While using the ticketing integrations you can choose from the added ticketing systems on the PINE platform and integrate easily.

You can also use Zapier integration to use the ticketing system that is not represented on the platform within the included ticketing integrations.

Expertise & Support

Each subscription has different support levels that are described in this article. Otherwise, no matter what plan you choose you can always contact our support via two main channels - our email and online chat on the website.

While being on the Essential plan you may purchase our support packages - Live Event Support during your event hours and Onboarding and training calls.

The quoted price for purchasing Live Event Support is $249 per business day and $499 for PINE after hours.

Onboarding calls cost $99 per hour.

Note: there is no possibility to purchase support from a dedicated account manager and access to expert services while being on the Essential plan.

Plan details

On the Essential plan, you have the availability to conduct your events with a length of up to 3 days. If you want to hold your event for more days, you can buy an extra day at a price of $1.00 per registration.

When subscribing to this plan you get 100 registrations per month. If you want to get more registrations, you can buy them at a cost of $3.00 per plan overage registration.

Please note that registrations that were not used during your subscription will disappear from your account if you do not pay for the subscription next month. This way you can hoard the number of registration till your next event if you pay every month on time.

You also have 1 organizer seat. If you want to involve more collaborators in preparing the event, you can buy it for $50 per extra seat which is billed monthly.

Please note that moderators are not billed.

We don’t stop events if limits are exceeded, but you will be charged for overages. Additional charges for add-ons will also apply.

Note: If this plan is over, you will be automatically charged for the next month. If you do not need to use the platform at the nearest time, you can downgrade it to the Test Drive plan.

Please check here how you can do that.

You can always check the pricing section on the website in order to distinctly compare all our plans and choose your favorite.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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