You can find various plans to subscribe to while arranging virtual events on PINE.

We offer Test Drive as an introduction to the platform. We also have several subscription plans and the possibility to consider the custom plan in case the existing plans do not cover your needs while arranging the virtual event.

When you first register on the platform, you are automatically assigned to the Test Drive. Then you can change your plan to the Essential and Pro plans, or contact us if you want to discuss the Premier plan.

In order to use the platform as an organizer, you need to choose one of the plans to proceed with creating your events. All these event platform plans differ from each other in cost, the number of added registrations, the options for branding, etc.

Please pay attention to the fact that attendees are considered to be registered at your event only if they have active and inactive statuses.y These attendees will be counted as registrations, so you will be charged for them.

You can find the information about all plans in the Billing tab. Just click on the PINE logo in the upper left corner and open the billing tab.

Test Drive

When you first register on the platform as an organizer, you are automatically assigned to the Test Drive plan which you can explore forever. This means that you can explore the platform while being on the test drive plan as long as you need.

This plan is absolutely free and is designed to test the features of the platform and understand whether it suits your needs and the event format.

You can also switch to this plan if you do not need to use the platform in the next month, for example.

Note: Not all features are included in this plan, so if you need to add more attendees or integrations to ticketing systems, please consider other plans to subscribe.

You can get more details in our article dedicated specifically to the Test Drive plan.


Our Essential plan can help you to grow events with the fundamental features. This plan costs $149/ per month. While subscribing to this plan you get all the essentials of the platform like basic analytics, networking features, streaming options, availability to purchase extras, etc.

Check out our article to get more details about this plan.


While subscribing to our Pro plan you can add more remarkable features to the event experience. Please note that currently additional features are unavailable right now but they will come soon on this plan.

On this plan, you can choose from a monthly subscription and an annual one. The plan cost varies and depends on the number of registrations added to your account and whether you decide to buy an annual subscription or a monthly one.

In case you buy an annual subscription to the plan you get a 20% discount for buying this plan.

Note: The 20% discount will be applied if you buy an annual subscription to the Pro plan and pay for the whole year at once in advance.

Please check out the full review of the Pro plan here.


The Premier plan includes all the features of the platform that can be applied to your event. By choosing this plan you can get dedicated support and extra features like white labeling, custom API integrations, access to expert services, etc.

If you decide to choose this plan you need to contact us by clicking on the button “Contact us” or via [email protected].

The details and peculiar properties of your event are discussed individually with our manager.

Check more information about this plan features and add-ons here.

General Tips

  • Please note that registrations that were not used during your subscription will be burned out from your account if you do not pay for the subscription next month. This way you can hoard the number of registration till your next event if you pay every month on time.

  • Each plan has different support levels that are described in this article. Otherwise, no matter what plan you choose you can always contact our support via two main channels - our email and online chat on the website.

  • Quoted prices apply when staying within the plan’s maximum registrations and other limits. We don’t stop events if limits are exceeded, but you will be charged for overages. Additional charges for add-ons will also apply.

  • Please note that all extras added (i.e. attendees, streaming hours, etc.) or used after the event was published will be billed automatically every $100 or every 24 hours (if the sum is less than $100).

  • Pay attention to that you will be charged $50 per month for extra added team members/collaborators if you do not delete them from the platform.

  • Note that if you pay by the invoice while upgrading your plan or adding extras, all the changes will be applied to your account only after the payment is received. Please take into account that proceeding the payment by invoice through bank may take several days.

  • Please also pay attention to the fact that if some of the attendees are added to the past event (for example, using the event code), then money will be debited from your account for the new attendee as well.

  • You can always check out the pricing section on the website in order to distinctly compare all our plans and choose your favorite.

If you have any questions left, please let us know via [email protected] or contact us via online chat on the website.

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