On the PINE platform, you can change the current plan you are subscribed to at any moment.

In order to switch to the other plan, please go to the Billing tab and click on the blue button “Change plan”.

In the opened window you will be offered to choose the plan you can switch to. After making a final decision, please click on the button “Change plan” as it is shown on the screenshot.


When you are upgrading your plan during your active subscription, your existing plan will be switched to the new one immediately.

Note that if you pay by the invoice while upgrading your plan or adding extras, all the changes will be applied to your account only after the payment is received. Please take into account that proceeding with the payment by invoice through the bank may take several days.


If you are downgrading your plan (i.e. from the Pro plan to the Essential plan) - it will be changed in the next month when your current subscription is over.

If you switch to Test Drive, your registrations will be burned out.

When switching to the Pro plan do not forget to choose the number of registrations and whether you want to buy an annual subscription with a 20% discount.

Please pay attention to the fact that you cannot change the existing plan to the Premier yourself as all the event details and your requests should be discussed individually with our manager. If you want to have a custom plan, just click on the “Contact us” button and our sales manager will get back to you.

If you just need to increase the number of registrations or streaming hours, please check our guide on how you can buy it additionally.

In case you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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