When you set up the event, you can make only a preliminary estimation of your needs for hours of stream, the number of registrations, etc.

But at any time you can purchase an additional stream time or overage registrations.

To do that please open the Billing tab and click on the plus button in the section where you want to add extras.

Decide what you want to add to your event and click on the button Pay for extras.

Please, pay attention to the fact that you will be charged for all hours streamed and all attendees added every $100 or 24 hours (in case the total cost of your extras is less than $100).

Also, the Extras Auto Refill option is available for you in the Payment Method Tab. Toggling this option ON allows the system to charge you automatically, which means you no longer have to manually purchase attendee registrations or meetings when you ran out of them.

Note: Using the Extras Auto Refill option please make sure your card balance is enough to cover automatic debits.

Please note that if you pay by the invoice while upgrading your plan or adding extras, all the changes will be applied to your account only after the payment is received. Please take into account that proceeding with the payment by invoice through the bank may take several days.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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