Once you are holding a hybrid event, you can expand the meeting opportunities at the event.

Apart from the online meetings on PINE, you can also add various physical points at the event, so your attendees could easily schedule offline meetings at particular points using the platform.

To start setting up hybrid meetings, you need to add places at first and link them to the interactive map of your event. To add places, please go to the meetings tab in the organizer account and click on the button “Add place”.

Once you click on it, you will be able to choose the type of this point, its availability (the days of the event), members (available in rooms and booths), whether it is linked to the map location or create place groups.

Note: PINE Connect, Other, and Auto places are added by default and cannot be deleted.

When adding a place you can choose from the following types of places:

  • Booths

  • Rooms

  • Points

  • Tables

Once you have added the necessary places, you can see them in the “Places” tab. The following information will be displayed: place availability (the event days), owner of the place, its location, and status (slots count).

Note: Only rooms and tables have limited slots.

Slots display how many meetings are available at this place. The number of slots is calculated from the period of the places’ activity.

All these meeting places have various features.

Booths can hold any number of meetings at a time. This place is private by default, so that means that there should be added members (owners) to this place. Once a place has an owner, meetings can be scheduled by owners or with owners only. You can add one or more place groups to a booth.

Rooms can hold only one meeting at a time (1 meeting slot). This place is also private by default, so you need to add members to it. Rooms can also have one or more place groups.

Points can hold any number of meetings at a time, you can choose whether it will be private or public. This place can also have one or more place groups.

Tables can hold only one meeting at a time (1 meeting slot). It can be private or public. You can also add one or more place groups to the table.

PINE Connect is an online meeting system on PINE. It can hold any number of meetings at a time. You cannot create or delete it as it is added by default. You can add it to one or more place groups.

Other places give an opportunity to your attendees to schedule meetings outside of your event. For example, schedule a meeting at the cafe across the street.

Auto works like an auto reservation if attendees want the system to automatically find them a place for a meeting.

Types of places

Places can be private and public. Private places mean that one of the meeting participants must be on a list of place owners to arrange a meeting here. Public places allow anyone to arrange a meeting at this location.

Please note that you will not be billed for meetings that took place offline.

Please let us know if you have any questions via [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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