We have designed the Transactions filter, so you could easily check all your payments made on the platform.

You can filter all your transactions in the Billing section - > open the Transactions tab. There you can filter all necessary information by three filters: Product type, Status, and period.

Product filter allows you to see exactly what you purchased and used on the platform.

So, you can filter these transactions by following:

  • Registrations are the number of attendees added to your account and used on the event(s).

  • PINE/RTMP Streaming duration shows the transaction of debiting streams from your balance.

  • PINE/RTMP Streaming hours allow you to see how many streaming hours you have purchased.

  • 1-to-1 Meetings show the number of online meetings you were charged for during the event.

  • Random Meetings demonstrates the number of purchased random meetings.

  • Additional days (per registration) filter appears if you have increased the length of the event beyond the limit covered by the subscription plan. For each additional day, you pay for the already added number of attendees to the event.

Status filter shows you at what stage the payment is at the moment.

We define the following statuses for your transactions:

  • Pending means that your transaction is being processed between our platform and the payment system.

  • Balanced & Unpaid there you will see those transactions that have not yet been billed due to the 24h limit or the $100 threshold.

  • Balanced & Invoiced appear when you pay with invoices. There you can see all transactions (24 hours have passed or there are $100 transactions), an invoice is generated and all such transactions are marked with this status

  • Invoiced appears when you pay with invoices when the transaction is more than $100.

  • Finished status shows when your transaction was successfully processed.

Please pay attention to the quantity and results columns. The quantity means how much is being debited from your card specifically in this transaction, and the result means your current balance.

To check all transactions by a particular period, you need to define the dates in the following section.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know via [email protected] or just drop us a message in the chat on the website.

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