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Navigate the event using our PINE App easily!

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In this article you will find out how to:

How to join an event?

First of all, please download the application from the App Store, Google Play, or AppGallery. Then follow the link in the invitation email and register your account on PINE. Once this is done, the event will appear on the list and you can easily access it.

If you have an event code, please open the app and click on the plus sign or choose "Scan QR code". As soon as the code is entered, please register your account if you don't have it yet.

You can find all your events by scrolling left or right. If you want to see a specific one, please use the search function located in the top right corner.

How to sign in or log in?

Open the App, click on the sign in button and do it with email or using a google account.

If you go for email, please enter it. You will be offered to choose the following options:

  • sign in manually - allows to create a password or log in manually. If you choose this option, you will be also able to reset password if needed.

  • email me a link - allows to log in without entering a password. You will receive a secure link which you should click on. Note that it expires in 24 hours and can only be used once.

Access event activities

Once you join an event, click on three lines on the down tab to open the Event Menu. Here you can visit each section and find out where to watch live streams, network, chat with organizers, check companies' and sponsors' profiles and so on.

How to edit a general profile?

There are two parts of your profile: general and unique for each event. The general profile's information is the same for all events.

Open the App and click on three dots in the lower right corner. Then click on your profile picture. After that, click Edit to add or correct your information (picture, name, email, bio, socials, etc.)

Also, you can connect a google calendar or change the password if necessary.

How to change the language, timezone, date & time format?

Open the App and click on three dots in the lower right corner.

After that, go to the Preferences and choose the needed option to set it up.

How to edit my event profile?

By customizing your event profile, you can share some information needed for a specific conference.

To find these settings, open the event, click on three dots on the down tab and navigate to the section "My event settings". Here you can edit:

  • Job position and tags

    Click "Edit" next to your name and fill in the fields such as "I am", "I can offer", "I'm looking for".

  • Company

    Click "Join" and become a member of the company in the list or create your own by typing the name in the search and adding the info about it.

    Once you click "Edit", scroll down and request editing rights. Otherwise, you won't be able to edit the company. If there are admins already, they should approve your request initially.

    To leave or switch a company, just click "Edit" β†’ three dots in the top right corner and choose an option.

  • Event Card
    Enhance your profile's visibility with the Event Card. Click "Edit" to add details about yourself in the "Event goal" field, and showcase your best projects by including up to 5 images, videos, and links.

Manage meetings

Open an event, click on three dots on the right and go to the "My meetings" section. Here you will see your personal schedule and all the meetings you have.

To confirm, reschedule, or decline meetings, just click on them and choose the desired option.

To request a meeting, open the attendee's profile, select a time slot, specify a reason, and send it. Once they confirm a meeting, it will appear on your schedule, and you will receive a notification as well.

If you're unavailable for meetings at some time, feel free to open your personal schedule and lock those slots by clicking on the appropriate sign. You can even lock the whole day if necessary, simply click on three dots in the upper right corner and choose this option.

Additionally, within this tab, you can find some networking tips we've prepared for you. ;)

Check messages

Click on the chat bubble icon located in the lower left corner. You will see messages from attendees and our notificator which will keep you up to date with all the latest news and information.

Add bookmarks and notes

Feels like you want to save something for later? It can be easily done with bookmarks and notes!

Open the session, company, or someone's profile and click on the flag sign, or "Add private note". No one will see it, but you.

To check them all, just click on three dots on the down tab and open the appropriate section.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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