Activity Stream is one of the ways of networking on the PINE platform for attendees. It is designed with a purpose to let your participants be more engaged in the communication process during the event.

While using the activity stream attendees can leave some posts and share their thoughts with the audience. Other participants can comment on posts and put their likes.

Attendees can leave their posts in the “Activity Stream” tab by clicking on the field with words “What’s on your mind?” and share your thoughts with others.

While creating a post you can add a picture to your text.

Note: The image file format should be PNG, JPG or JPEG.

Please note that while leaving a comment, you cannot add any images to your text.

To edit or delete your comment in the Attendee app, please click on it and then press on three dots in front of the comment.

Organizers can also create posts on behalf of the event if they want to share some news or announce new suggestions where attendees can put their likes and comments.

Such posts can be created in the Organizer mode. To do that, please go to the “Activity Stream” tab and click on the blue button “Add a post”.

All posts can be moderated by the organizer. To edit or delete a post, you need to click on three buttons in front of it in the Organizer account.

You can also delete attendees’ comments by clicking in the number of comments in the “Comments” column.

There you can choose the comment you need and press on the “Delete” button.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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