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How to add Rooms to your event

The first step is to create this menu item in settings. To do that please go to the organizer account and click on "Setup" in the left-side menu, then navigate to "Event App".

You will see a window with available menu items. Please scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on "Add New Page". Then you need to choose Rooms/Spaces from the list.

After the changes are saved, you will see a new item in the "Content" tab on the left hand.

How to create a new room?

Now you can create your Rooms by clicking on "Add Room" and moderate settings.

You can upload a cover for the room, rename it, add information on activities, and set up time slots when this room is available. This information will appear in the room preview for your attendees. Please note, that the cover size should be 1280 x 682.

The next step is to decide who will have access to this room in general and decide which source for streaming you choose. You can stream through the following sources:

  • PINE backstage/RTMP
    You can choose this option if you want to stream directly through the PINE platform using our backstage or via RTMP. You will be able to choose the type of streaming in backstage in a particular room.

    Please note that this option is paid and has limited streaming hours.

  • External link

    Choose this source if you want to add a link that will lead your attendees to the external service. The link can be obtained in the 3rd-party service you use for this stream.

  • Offline

    You can choose this type of source if there are no online streams scheduled in rooms or if you want to add some information about the offline room.

How to set up access to the room

The next step is to decide who will have access to this room in general and to stream. You can add hosts or moderators to your room. It can be any person from your attendees.

If you want to make this room available for all, leave the switch in position "EVERYONE".

If you wish to make room for a private workshop or panel discussion available by request, flip the switch to "BY REQUEST". In this case, your moderator will see all requests and will be able to confirm or reject them.

All requests to participate will be available in an organizer account and can be moderated by the organizer.

The moderator has access to all requests from the Backstage of the room and can moderate them.

You can also make this room available for a particular group of attendees if it is a Room for Workshop available only for the exact type of ticket. And one more available option is to make this room available only for a pre-installed list of individuals from your attendees.

Who can join the stream?

PINE provides flexible settings that meet all needs of organizers when the event is set up.

  1. Room for a private session where only Speaker should have access to backstage and live stream - leave switcher "Viewers can participate" in off-position.

  2. Room for a panel discussion or workshops where the moderator decides who can join the stream - switch on "Viewers can participate" and flip the next switch to position "MODERATED"

  3. Room for general open discussion - switch on "Viewers can participate" and leave the next switch in position "EVERYONE". In this case, any attendee will be able to join the live stream until there are 9 people in the stream.


Please note that only the moderator can launch the stream from backstage.

There is no system limit for the total attendees in the room. There is a limit to the total number of people on a live stream at the same time. A maximum of 9 participants can join the live stream at a time.

Please pay attention that Rooms are visible to attendees only if there is or will be an activity.


If you need activity records in your room please confirm this intention in Room settings by flipping the switcher to an appropriate position.

If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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