There are plenty of ways how the organizer can add attendees to the virtual event. And this article will provide you with details of one more way how it can be done.

You can provide your attendees with the link to register in the PINE and with your event code, this is the only information your attendees need to join your event.

How I can get my event code?

You should go to your event settings, Event code tab

The system will automatically generate a digital code for your event

You can adjust the code to match the theme or title of your event.

Now you can share this code with your attendees together with the link to register on the platform.

The sequence of actions for attendees who would like to join the event by the event code is described here.

Please note that the code can be entered only if your event is published.

If you want to decide if an attendee can join the platform using the event code or not, you need to disable the auto-approve function. You can find this toggler in the Settings -> Attendees.

The event code can be deactivated at any moment. To do that, please click on the "Deactivate" button in the event code settings.

Do not forget to deactivate your event code when your event is finished. Otherwise, people can join your event even after it is finished, and the system will charge you for those new registrations.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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