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During your event, attendees will receive system emails and notifications with all the necessary details about their invitation and meetings.

Additionally, the Announcements feature allows sending custom notifications anytime to inform everyone about the latest activities and news related to the conference.

General setup for all emails

Navigate to the Marketing section → Emails tabBranding tab to upload the default header and choose colors for action buttons and hyperlinks. Recommendations for the header image are a 3:1 ratio, a size of 1200x400px, and no larger than 400Kb.

Customizing specific emails

Navigate to the Marketing section → Emails tabSystem Emails tab and click on the needed subject.

The Settings tab contains the main information about this email. Change the “reply-to” field if necessary.

In the Sections tab, you can add text blocks and banners which will be visible in the preview. The recommended size for images here is 1000x560px and no larger than 500Kb.

To edit some items, select them on the right and open the Editor tab. To reorder or delete text blocks and banners, simply choose them in the preview of the email and then click on the appropriate option.

When everything is ready, click on the “Send Preview” button to check if everything is fine. This message will be sent to the Owner’s email. Remember to save.


If you want to send a custom notification on your own specific topic, you can do it in the Marketing section.

While creating an announcement you can type a message, choose the recipients, adjust the delivery, and send it as email or push notification. Check this article to find more details about it.

Please note that after an announcement has been sent to attendees, it cannot be changed or rephrased. If you edit the delivered message and try to save, it will be sent to attendees once again.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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