Organizers can differentiate attendees by means of groups that give access to different event features like chats, meetings, etc.

Groups can be created manually or they can be added with the ticketing integration system.

Organizers can edit the groups’ list and its features in the Settings -> Groups. On this page, you will see the whole list of groups for this event.

If you want to add a group manually, you need to click on the blue button “Add Group”. There is also a possibility to switch the toggle “Show group in profile”, so everyone can see in which groups other participants are.

While adding a new group, you can name it and describe which features will be available for this part of attendees.

You can assign the following functionality for the attendees of the event like an ability to schedule private meetings, create attendee cards, send private messages to other attendees, etc.

Please note that the feature “Place Groups” is available for offline events only. It allows assigning a group to a meeting place.

When you connect a ticketing integration to the PINE platform, groups are created automatically according to the name of the ticket that attendees buy. For example, you sell two tickets types - Business and Visitors. As attendees buy one of these tickets, they will be automatically assigned to the following group.

Then you can edit the features available to a particular group - just click on three dots in front of its name and choose the option “Edit”.

If you want to separate attendees by groups in the left-side menu. For example, you want to create a separate list of participants for students and tutors. In this case, you need to duplicate the menu item “Attendees” in the Event Menu section, give it a proper name, and set up a data filter for it.

Please check more info about duplicating menu items here.

Please make sure that you defined rules/settings for each group in the system. If you miss to set up settings for the group, all attendees in this group will have no access to meetings, chats, and attendee cards.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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