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Groups & Content - limit access

How to set up groups?

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Using groups, organizers can adjust attendees’ access to some sections and different features like chats, meetings, etc.

How to create?


Please navigate to the Setup section → Groups tab and click “Add group”. Here you should name it and include the features that will be available to this group.

Each new attendee added manually or using an event code will be linked to the group marked as default (click on three dots to change it).

Importing via the ticketing system

When you connect a ticketing integration to the PINE platform, groups are created automatically according to the name of the ticket that attendees buy.

For example, you sell two ticket types - Business and Visitors. As attendees buy one of these passes, they will be automatically assigned to the following group.

How to edit/delete?

Please navigate to the Setup section → Groups tab. Then click on three dots in front of the particular group and choose the needed option.

Permissions for groups


provides possibility to receive meeting requests and confirm/decline them

Schedule Meetings

allows arranging the number of meetings limited by the organizer


attendees will be able to create cards and share more info about themselves


provides possibility to send private messages

Place groups

(for hybrid & in-person events)

allows assigning a group to a meeting place

Online only

(for hybrid & in-person events)

attendees will not receive requests for offline meetings

Please make sure that you defined rules/settings for each group in the system. Otherwise, all attendees assigned to it will have no access to meetings, chats, and attendee cards.

If you want to separate attendees by groups in the left-side menu (for example, students and tutors). You need to duplicate the section “Attendees” in the Setup section → Event App tab, name it, and set up a data filter.

Also, you can change the visibility of any menu item. Please check this article to find out more about it.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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