Random networking is a feature that allows your attendees to increase the number of their connections during the event.

Random networking is designed in a speed-dating format, so 2 people will be matched randomly.

To add this feature to your event you need to go to the organizer account, click on the Random Networking -> Add Random Networking. Then you will see a window with settings - you can set the following things:

  • Name and description

  • Sponsor image

  • Duration of meetings

  • Date when this feature is available

  • Access type

  • Divide people into groups

While choosing the duration, please note that it describes the time of the meeting of two matched profiles. When time runs out, the meeting will end automatically and then these people will be connected to other attendees.

Access to random networking can be given to everyone, to particular groups or chosen individuals.

You can also turn on the division by groups and set them up. In this case, attendees need to choose what group they belong to, so they can be matched to opposite profiles from another group. In these settings, you can give names, colors, and a description of these groups.

Let’s imagine your event is dedicated to career days for students and your goal is to give attendees the opportunity to contact representatives of different companies in order to find a job.

In this, case you need to divide companies and students into groups as it is shown in the screenshot above.

Then your attendees will be able to choose their role and be matched with each other.

Please note that division into groups is not obligatory, so you can skip this step, so your users will be connected to each other randomly.

After the person chooses his role, he will be redirected to backstage where his micro and web-camera can be checked before networking.

In the backstage, you will see how many people are online now and how many of them are in each group. When your camera and micro are checked - click join and you will see yourself on the left side and the window to start searching on the right.

Please press start and you will be connected to a person from the opposite group.

Please note that sometimes all users from another group can be unavailable for the match as they are already talking to other people. In this case, you just need to wait a little bit and you will be connected with the first free attendee.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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