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Media Library

All media files can be uploaded to the Media Library and then turned on on the stages/rooms during breaks or sessions.

To add a media file you need to go to the Media Library in the Virtual/Hybrid section, and then click on the button "Upload media".

There are several ways your media can be uploaded:

  • As a file

  • Custom link to other media services

  • RTMP link

Please note that if you are uploading video files, it is better to use the MP4 format, 720. The maximum file size should not exceed 5 GB.

Generally, there is no ideal size for videos and pictures. There is a recommended aspect ratio of 4:3. But you should be aware that the video will be resized depending on the browser window and the monitor size of a user.

If you want to embed a link for a live stream, it is important to put a tick in front of the field “Is this link embedded live stream?” in order not to interrupt the live stream.

If you decided to use your custom software and stream through RTMP, you need to choose the RTMP option. There you will find a key and URL for connecting your stream with PINE. Pay attention to that if your RTMP is connected to the Media Library, there will not be any live marker on the stage and the Q&A section.

RTMP protocol broadcasts only video and sound signals, so other custom functions like switching to different languages that are offered by your media service cannot be used in PINE.

You can check in this article how to launch uploaded media on the stage.

Media files added to the media library will be stored for six months after the end of the event.


Once media files are added, you can create playlists for the event. You just need to switch the tab to Playlists and click on the button “Add Playlist”.

You will see the window where you can give a name for your playlist, add files, and set if it can be stopped manually.

Moreover, these files will be played in the order in which they were added to the playlist. To change the order you need to drag the file to the correct place.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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