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How to invite team members, collaborators, and session moderators?
How to invite team members, collaborators, and session moderators?
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As an organizer, you can invite members to your organization's Team. Moreover, you can enable or disable each team member's access to each particular event in the Collaborators Tab.

The main difference between collaborators and team members is that collaborators are invited to manage a particular event when a team member is added to your organization.

Team Members

To add a team member you need to go to your organizer account and open the “Team” tab. This tab shows the list of your team members and their roles.

If you need to add a team member, please click on "Add members" in the right upper corner.

You will see a window where you need to enter a person’s email and choose a role for your future team member.

There are two roles that can be assigned to a person - Content manager and Administrator.

The content manager is responsible for filling the event with suitable content but he doesn’t have access to the settings of the event. Admin has all rights to manage the account and the settings of your event.

Please note that admins have the right to create events, but content managers - do not.

Once the invitation email is sent to a recipient, you will be able to see the status of the invitation and copy the invite link by clicking on "Invite", if necessary.

As soon as your new team member clicks on the link, he will be offered to create an account on PINE. Then this person will join your team members list.


A new team member automatically appears on the Team's list with the status - Enabled. That means that this person has the right to manage your event and fill it with content. You can find the Team list in the General Settings of your event.

If you want to take away access from one of your members, you need to click on three dots in from of his name and then click on the option "Change Status". There you can switch the status from "Enabled" to "Disabled".

There you can also choose "Change Role" in order to change the role of a collaborator.

Session Moderators

Session moderators can be invited through the Team's tab as well. Please open the General Settings of your event and then click on Collaborators to open the list.

Moderators are usually invited to particular events, so they are not added as team members. You can invite a moderator from the attendees list.

To do that, please, add the person as an attendee, and then click on the button "Add Moderator".

Then, please choose the moderator from the drop-down list.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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