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Check if you considered everything before the event ;)

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This is our checklist for organizers. We have prepared a few points that will help you to set up your event properly and check everything before the event.

☑️ Check if you chose correct streaming sources for your broadcasting activities. If your streams are conducted via RTMP or PINE, please make sure you have enough streaming hours before the start of your event.

☑️ Check if you have enough added active attendees to your balance.

☑️ Make sure you’ve set up all the permissions for different groups of attendees.

☑️ Check the visibility of each menu item. This can be done in the Event App.

☑️ Please check you have added all the team members.

☑️ Check all the links and media files that were uploaded to your event in order to be sure that all files can be played and opened on stages and booths.

☑️ Check if you added all exhibitors of the company as members of the virtual booth and gave them access to edit their booth.

☑️ Try to organize some tests of live streams with speakers and moderators if needed.

So, they will be familiar with the streaming on the platform. You can share this guide with them, so they could easily navigate the Speaker Hub and set up their profiles.

☑️ Please preview your event before publishing, and check that the menu for your event looks as you expect it to be, all items are present and in the correct order.

☑️ Do not forget to give your attendees instructions on how to enter the platform and navigate your event.

☑️ Try to use the Google Chrome browser as it works stably there.

☑️ Please check our Sponsorship guides. There you find some tips for placing ads on the platform, requirements for banners on different pages of the event, advice on choosing a proper background image, etc.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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