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Brief review of PINE functionality
Brief review of PINE functionality
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This is a list of the main features that are available on the PINE platform. You can check it to understand if these functions meet the requirements.


This a welcome page that participants see at first. You can customize it according to your needs. For example, display a live preview of a current session, show a welcome message or a video, show some chat channels, recent attendee cards, booths, and rooms, etc.

You can add this feature via the Event Menu in the organizer account.


This is one of the key functions in PINE that is equivalent to a real stage with a speaker. There you can stream videos and broadcast your talks. On the stage, you can communicate with participants via chat and create different polls during the speech. Moreover, you can create different stages that will vary according to topics or fields of speech.

Virtual Expo

This feature allows you to create virtual booths that are equal to the exhibition stands during offline conferences and events. Virtual booths can be useful for your sponsors as they can update their profiles themselves, sell more event-related products, and increase the profit of their company.

Companies can access their booths easily in the Company Portal where it will be convenient to set up and customize their booth.

Moreover, you can create different groups and categories in the virtual expo and assign them size and layout. This means how it will be displayed during the event.

Please note that this function is not included in the main functionality and it is paid additionally.

Virtual rooms/spaces

You can create virtual rooms that can be used for round tables or different talks and discussions. The main feature of virtual rooms is that you can configure them as you wish. For example, you can restrict access to different groups or make moderated access. Moreover, attendees can also participate in live streams and you can make a moderated access to this function.

Please note that rooms are created separately in the Event Menu and this feature is not included in the main functionality and it is paid additionally.

Random Networking

Random networking is a feature that allows your attendees to increase the number of their connections during the event. Random networking is designed in a speed-dating format, so 2 people will be matched randomly. You can also create two different groups that will be randomly matched with each other.

Private meetings

This feature allows attendees to arrange 1-to-1 meetings during the event and discuss something. This may be useful when you are organizing career days or business conferences where such meetings will be one of the most important components during your event.

This feature is enabled separately and will be billed additionally.

Sponsor Ads

You can also place various sponsor banners to different event zones, such as stages, lobby, virtual expo list, etc. So, you can offer your sponsors different ways to promote their products by placing banners in different sections of your event.

Attendee cards

These are some kind of profile cards that allows you to tell more about yourself and your skills. This feature increases your chances to make new acquaintances and promote yourself as a good specialist.

Event Chat

This is an environment where all attendees can interact with one another. There can be created various chat rooms for all sorts of interaction. For example, you can create private chat rooms that can be visible to a particular group of people or you can create several channels dedicated to the helpdesk, main chat, meet&greet, etc.


This menu item shows the activities of your event. You can decide what types of activities will be depicted in the main schedule for all attendees. You can display such activities as booths, meetings, rooms, sessions, and random networking. Attendees can bookmark the most interesting topics, so they will be displayed in their personal schedule.


Bookmarks are visible in the attendee mode. This feature shows all the things that you have bookmarked during the event. Using this tool, you can choose the most interesting activities at the event and get notifications when it is going to start. Moreover, you can bookmark interesting people for further communication.


This feature is designed for promoting new job offers and positions. You can post different positions that can be linked to a particular company that is looking for new employees.

This is also the way to boost company visibility at your event.

Activity stream

Activity Stream is one of the ways of networking on the PINE platform for attendees. It is designed like a feed where attendees can share their thoughts, leave comments and like other posts.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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