Organizers may decide to sell different ticket types and packages in order to provide several levels of access to some features, restrict different functions, or give more opportunities to your attendees based on their ticket type.

This article will help you to understand how you can differentiate owners of various ticket types.

First of all, it is possible to create a group for each ticket type and give the permission level you would like this category of participants to have. Groups can be created in the Settings -> Groups.

Let’s imagine that you want to have standard and business tickets for your event, so you need to create these groups in the settings (or they will be added automatically if you integrate your ticketing account with the event on Pine). Just click on the button “Add Group”, name it, and give access to necessary functions.

According to your configurations, groups may have access to schedule meetings, create attendee cards, send private messages to other participants, etc.

Agenda is a possibility to confirm meetings, schedule them (when you switch the toggle on the “agenda” you can decide whether this group can schedule meetings on the platform). Moreover, you can also choose a meetings limit for this particular group.

Cards allow this group to create attendee cards during the event. This may be important for promoting yourself, showing your portfolio, etc.

Chat gives a possibility to send private messages to other attendees. Please pay attention to the fact this feature doesn’t apply to public event chats, so all attendees can communicate there.

Please note that the feature “Place Groups” is available for offline events only. It allows assigning a group to a meeting place.

Read more about setting up groups in this article.

Secondly, there is always a possibility to set up access to menu items by groups (the ticket type). This means that a particular group of attendees will be given the opportunity to access some menu items that are designed for a specific group of attendees.

To set up menu items you need to go to the Event Menu and choose the item you want to adjust. There you can choose access to this feature by a group.

Moreover, you can choose individual access - just switch to “Individual” and choose people that can have access to this feature from the list.

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