The lobby is a welcome page of your event to which you can add all necessary information that concerns important activities for attendees, there can be added a welcome message or video, or you can display different menu items in the lobby.

It can be set up as you wish according to the format of the event.

To get to the settings of the “Lobby” you need to go to the Event Menu in the left-side menu. Please find Lobby from the list and click on it to start the setup.

First of all, you can choose the icon for this menu item, change the name, change its background color (or add a background image if you are on the Pro plan), and define the access level for your attendees. After these things are done, you can start adding the content and customizing your lobby.

Just scroll down and see what content can be added to this page. If one of the variants seems useful for your event, please switch the toggle in front of the needed menu item.

There can be displayed current sessions which are shown on the main stage, a welcome message, a customized help desk. Current sessions cannot transmit sound, only video. Please note that the stage that can be shown in the Current Sessions should be the first in the list of stages (you can check it in the Sessions tab -> Stages).

Let’s look more closely at customizing features like Welcome Message and Help Desk.

While setting up a Welcome Message Section, you can add the heading to it, the main text, text color, and background color. Moreover, you can use an emoji icon and embed a hero image or a hero video URL. Hero image or video is a web banner or a video that describes your product or company. Please note that the video will be played with no sound.

While customizing the Help Desk, it is possible to add a link to your support booth or help chat in case you have one, so your attendees can click on the Help Desk and they will be redirected to the needed page.

You can easily change the title, add the main text, choose the background and text color, and the link to the support chat. Moreover, you can use the default hero image or upload your own.

This is how it may look like in the attendee mode.

You can also display up to 5 recent chats, recent attendee cards, up to 5 speakers, companies, or attendees.

Please note that the functions of showing meetings and schedules are currently inactive, as they are under development.

Booths and rooms can also be displayed - up to 3 booths or rooms.

Please note that you can display attendees/speakers/companies in a random way or remove a tick and add particular people or companies.

Furthermore, you can even change the text and background color of the Attendees, Speakers, Companies, and more buttons.

As for booths and rooms you can also choose a random display or choose 3 variants by clicking on the plus button.

Moreover, you can show general info about your event progress. This is how it will look like.

Please note that you can reorder the list and change the order of elements. To do that just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Reorder List” and then drag and drop sections to the correct place. After you are ready, do not forget to click on the blue button “Done”.

After you finished with the lobby settings, please click on the button save on this page.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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