Event Menu is a tool designed for organizers that helps to manage the menu items and to configure access to them. Event menu is available in the organizer mode in the left-side menu.

As you open the event menu, you will be redirected to a welcome page with the left sidebar with all menu items that can be configured according to your needs.

When you click on any item, you will see the sections that can be adjusted. You can change the name of the item and its icon from the drop-down list.

Moreover, there you can change access to each menu item making it visible to everyone, by group or individual.

Also, you have the option to turn off the icon and add a description to the following sections: Speakers, Attendees, Companies, Sponsors, Virtual Expo, Attendee Cards, Information, Activity Stream, Jobs. However, such an option is not available for the rest of the sections due to the fact that the icon was never shown there on the right side in the opened section. If you turn the icon off, it will be turned off not in the menu itself, but in the section directly.

In the Event Menu, you can also add new sections to your menu or even duplicate the existing ones. To do that, you need to click on the button “Add new page” and select a menu item type you want to add. There you can add virtual rooms to your event - just choose Rooms/Spaces.

Please note that if you duplicate the existing menu item, it will not appear in the left-side menu in the organizer account, only in the attendee mode. In this case, you need to fill in all the content in the section you need and then differentiate the content in the Event Menu using the data filter in a particular section.

Read more about duplicating menu items here.

Some of the sections may have a data filter, which means that you can set up the content available in this menu item. For example, in the Virtual Expo, you can turn on a data filter and choose what booths, groups, and categories can be included or excluded in this section.

In the event menu, you can also set up how your lobby will look in the attendee mode. Please click on the “Lobby” section and set it up according to your needs. There you can add all necessary information that concerns important activities for all attendees, there can be added a welcome message or video, or you can display different menu items in the lobby.

Please read more on the lobby configuration here.

In case you need to hide a section from your menu, please open it in the Event Menu and put a tick near the “Hide section”.

You can set up different background colors for each menu item in its settings. On the Pro plan, you get the possibility to add a background picture for each section.
Please pay attention to the recommended sizes.

Please note that you can change the order of event menu items. To do that you just need to drag and drop the item you need the correct place.

Do not forget to save any changes!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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