Virtual Expo zone is a section where you can add virtual booths that can be compared to exhibition stands during offline conferences and events. Virtual booths are a great solution for sponsors that want to present their company and products.

This article will help you to understand how you can create virtual booths for an event.

Add Group

First of all, you need to open the Virtual Expo section. There you can see two buttons: “Add booth” and “Add group”. You can create different groups in this section to divide exhibitors and set the size and layout for each group.

When you click on the button “Add group” you see a window where you can add a name for your group and choose a particular size and layout for it. Please note that this step is optional.

Add booth

To add a virtual booth, you need to click on the button “Add booth”. Then you need to choose if you want to add booths manually or import the data to the platform.
While importing the file, please check our instructions for filling out the document.

If you add your booth manually, you will see a window where you can give your booth a name, link it to the particular company (that was added to the Companies’ list previously), assign it to a group that you have created previously.

Please also decide which source of streaming will be used in this booth. You can choose the following ways of streaming:

  • PINE backstage/RTMP. You can choose this type of streaming if you want to allow the booth representatives to go live with the camera on this booth via the backstage. Please note that this option is paid and has limited streaming hours.

  • Embedded video. You can choose this source if you want just let the representatives of the booth use the booth functionality (i.e. booth chat, showing media) on the PINE platform apart from launching the live stream from the backstage.

  • External link. You can choose this source if you want to add a link that leads your attendees to the external service when they click on the booth banner.

  • Offline. You can choose this source when you just want to show the banner but not allowing attendees to get in the booth.

So, you can negotiate with the sponsors which type of streaming source they prefer.

As you click on “Save”, there will be opened the next window under the name “Customize your booth”. There are two variants of booth customization:

  1. It can be done by the representatives of this booth in the Company Portal. To give a possibility to edit the virtual booth in the Company Portal, you need to add people as admins in a company who have a right to fill and edit content in the virtual booth. Please read here how exhibitors can gain maximum success of being a sponsor of your event”.

  2. Organizers can provide all-inclusive service for sponsors and set up booth themselves according to the needs of the sponsor.

Booth Content

While customizing a virtual booth, you can add a booth thumbnail, logos, add media and handouts if necessary, add a call-to-action button and set up the agenda of the booth, etc.

Please note that it is important to click on the plus to add the activity.

Note: The maximum number of media files you can upload is 30.

Media files will be stored for one month only for organizers who are on the Test Drive plan and six months for those, who are on Essential, Pro, and Premier plans. Then all media files will be deleted from the platform.

When a virtual booth is created, you will see another tab in the top menu bar - Groups. From there you can manage your groups for the Virtual Expo zone and add categories to it.

If you click on “Groups”, you will see the list of your groups for this section. You can edit their names, size, and layout anytime - just click on three dots in front of the needed group.

Moreover, in this tab, you can change the order of groups and booths in a particular group. To change the order of a group, please drag and drop the group at the correct place.

To change the order of booths in a group just click on the number of booths in the column “Booths Count” and change the order - drag and drop booths to a correct place.

Please note that you can also add categories to the Virtual Expo zone. Categories are designed to differentiate various types of exhibitors which have several groups inside each category.

Add category

To create a category, please switch the toggle in front of “Use Categories” in the top menu bar. Then you will be transmitted to the page where you can add categories - click on the button “Add Category”. There you can upload an icon, a cover, title, and description for your category.

Please note that the “Groups” menu item will be replaced with “Categories” in the top menu bar.

You can add a group to each category - just click on the number in the column “Groups count”. Then you can add a virtual booth and assign it to a created group.

Please note that we advise that you create categories first if you need them and then just add groups to each category. Otherwise, there may be confusion between groups in case you have created them firstly.

Moreover, be aware that if you turn on categories and do not set which groups are included there, attendees will see a blank page in the Virtual Expo section.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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