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Using the PINE platform organizers may involve sponsors in their event with various ways of cooperation and promoting sponsors both at a virtual and in-person event. Organizers can place sponsored banners in different sections of the platform, add the sponsor’s logo as a screensaver at the stage, etc.

Read more about what organizers can offer to their sponsors here.

In order to give sponsors different ways of self-promotion, you need to add them to the Sponsors list first. To do that please go to the organizer account -> Content -> open the Sponsors tab -> click on the button “Add Sponsor”.

There are two ways of adding sponsors to the list:

  1. Import the CSV/XLSX document to the platform with all the data. Please do not forget to download our template by clicking on the question mark in the upper right corner, so you could fill in the document correctly.
    Moreover, you can read more about importing the data to PINE here.

2. Add sponsors manually. Here you just need to add the information about the sponsor - upload the logo, add name and description, link the sponsor to the group and company, etc.

Please note that the image you upload should be at least 300px on the smallest side. Click on the view guide button to find more requirements.

When the logo is uploaded you can crop it and see the preview below.

On the left, there is a logo on the sponsors profile and on the right, you can see how it looks like in the sponsors list or in front of the Break name in the Schedule.

NOTE: If you add a sponsor card/profile to the event linking the company to it, then this company will be considered to be a company with a Pro license. As in this case, it gets access to the Company Portal with advanced features.

Meanwhile, you can still add sponsor profiles without linking them to companies.

Sponsor Groups

Please pay attention to the fact that sponsors can be linked to particular groups. The “Groups” menu item becomes available when you add the first sponsor to the list.

There you can add groups to divide sponsors and decide which size and layout they will have. Then you can assign sponsors to the created groups.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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