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What notifications can I send to attendees?
What notifications can I send to attendees?
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Notifications are a really helpful tool among organizers. On the PINE platform notifications help to increase the level of audience engagement and notify attendees about meeting statuses and various activities during the event.

Notifications can be sent in two possible ways on PINE: via email and through the Pinebot as a push notification.

We define system notifications and announcements that are sent from the organizer.

System notifications are sent as push notifications in the web browser/mobile app and via email. Such notifications include the change of meeting statuses if it is requested, canceled, or confirmed.

Please note that in case you want to receive push notifications in the web browser, you need to allow the PINE platform to send you these notifications.

System notifications sent as an email look like this:

From this email, you can go directly to your agenda and confirm or cancel the meeting. If you have the browser notifications allowed, you will also receive a pop-up message.

To see the full message about this notification you can click on the dialogue icon and open the conversation with the Pinebot.

Notifications sent as announcements can be sent both as push notifications and via email. The organizer decides how to send it. Please also check out our guide on the announcements.

Please note that if a person did not access the PINE platform from the invitation email and did not activate his profile, he will receive all the announcements in the Pinebot after finishing the registration on the platform.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or via online chat on the website.

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