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Set up Streaming sources
Set up Streaming sources
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PINE offers various ways of streaming. You can stream on stages, in virtual booths, and in virtual rooms.

You can choose free or paid options for broadcasting while setting up the event. All streaming sources can be chosen when creating a session, virtual booth, or virtual room. To do that, please go to the necessary menu tab (Sessions, Virtual Expo, or Virtual rooms) and manually create a session, booth, or room. Please fill in all the necessary details and decide which streaming source will be chosen for it.

Note: If you import all sessions, there is no field to add the streaming source, so you need to choose it for each session separately.

Note: Virtual rooms have only 3 streaming options: PINE/RTMP, external link, and offline.

Free streaming sources

As free streaming sources you can choose the following options:

  • Embedded video. When choosing this source you will be able to upload a link to a stream that will be broadcast by means of 3rd party players (YouTube, Facecast, etc.).
    You can get a direct link (i.e. to the stream in the player that will be used for the broadcast. This link can be uploaded in the Media library and turned on in the media tab on the stage. The embedded stream will be available for watch on the PINE’s stage.

    Note: When you choose a 3rd party player which is not Youtube, Fscecast, or Vimeo we strongly recommend that you test the streaming from this player in advance. Our platform supports many players, but some of them may have such features that will prevent them from being integrated into our platform.
    Note that our mobile app supports only Youtube and Facecast.

    If you are going to stream a pre-recorded video, please make sure you have added additional 20-30 seconds in the beginning and in the end of your video, so all attendees could see the stream from the very beginning till the end. This is important as due to some technical issues (network connection, internet speed, etc), attendees may miss some speech parts in the beginning/end.

    Please be informed that it is not possible to upload and stream pre-recorded media on the Test Drive plan.

  • External link. Choose this source if you want to add a link that will lead your attendees to the external service. The link can be obtained in the 3rd-party service you use for this stream.
    This source of streaming adds an ability for your attendees to go to external platforms (i.e. Zoom, Google Meets, etc.) by clicking on the button “Launch Stream”.

  • Offline. Choose this option if there are no streams on the schedule or you have offline sessions. This option can be also applied if you want to add breaks or other information to your event program.
    You do not need to upload anything here if you choose this option.

Note: All media files added to the platform will be stored for one month only for organizers who are on the Test Drive plan and six months for those, who are on Essential, Pro, and Premier plans. Then all media files will be deleted from the platform.

Paid streaming sources

You can also choose a paid streaming option using PINE backstage or RTMP.

  • PINE backstage is the way of streaming that should be chosen when you want to stream directly through the PINE platform using our backstage. The backstage can be opened on the stage by clicking on three dots in front of the particular session. Speakers can get there via Speaker Hub. Please check our Moderator’s guide and Speaker’s guide.

    Note: If you want to combine several ways of streaming, for example, a pre-recorded video and a live stream through the PINE backstage, you should choose PINE/RTMP streaming source. This is a global option that gives you the possibility to play the pre-recorded video and then start the live stream.

  • RTMP can come in handy if you want to stream from another service or your own custom software. Here you can get the link and a key for the broadcast.

    When conducting streams through RTMP you have first 15 free minutes that are given as a bonus for you to set up the stream.

    Please pay attention to the fact that if you do NOT stop the RTMP stream, but stop the session, you will be charged these streaming hours anyway even if the session is over. We bill for the transmitted content and not for the session hours.

Note: When you are on the PINE backstage and the live stream is not launched, you will not be charged for that. The announcement room usage is counted as PINE backstage hours.

You will be able to choose the type of streaming in the backstage of the particular session from the PINE’s stage.

Please note that these options are paid and have limited streaming hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team via [email protected] or write to us in the online chat on the website.

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