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Companies can be created in the Content section → Companies tab. Once you click on the button “Add a company”, choose to import or add manually.

Note: Companies will not be visible in the Attendee App unless you add members to them. Moreover, attendees are welcome to join any company on the list or create their own in the Event Settings section of the Attendee App.

Import data using PINE templates

This is a great solution to save up your time when you need to upload a large amount of content.

To import data to PINE, please drop your file in XLSX or CSV format.

We also provide our template which can be accessed by clicking on the question mark. The second tab of the template contains the instructions you need to follow in order to fill in the document correctly.

Add manually

Here you should fill in the general information: logo (600x600 PNG or JPG), name, description, and link to the website.

When the logo is uploaded you can check guides, crop the image, and see a preview from the profile and list.

Feel free to add members, admins, tags, and mention social media accounts in the settings as well. However, please note that only companies with pro licenses have access to post Jobs, upload branded backgrounds, present Virtual Booths, and link sponsor profiles.

To upgrade a company, please click on the button “Enable PRO features”. It costs 1 credit.

How to edit/delete?

Сlick on three dots in front of a company and choose an option - edit, delete, or move attendees between companies.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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