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The City Guide feature is designed for hybrid & in-person events. It allows organizers to easily navigate event visitors around the city by marking all the necessary places on the map (i.e. a hotel, the main conference hall, etc.)

It is possible to add locations manually or import them in the Content section โ†’ City Guide tab. Remember to check the instructions in the template by clicking on the question sign before importing data to PINE. Here you may find more details about it.

While adding a location, you can name it, choose the type, add a description, URL, and mark it on the map. To edit or delete some places, simply click on three dots in front of them.

The city will be displayed as a Google Map in the City Guide tab of the Attendee App. You can find all locations by clicking on the place point icon in the top right corner.

If you choose the particular place, you will see the info about it and the address.

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