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We have expanded our platform functionality and added an “Approve” feature. If at some point you have run out of available registrations on your account, all new attendees will be added to your event in the "on hold" status, even if the event has already been published.

This situation can happen if you do not have the auto refill option enabled.

After you purchase the required number of registrations, or turn on the auto refill option, you will need to approve those participants who are on hold status.

You have 2 options - approve all attendees in a bulk or choose particular participants that you want to invite to the event.

When an attendee is approved, they receive an invitation email to your event.

To approve particular attendees, navigate to the Content section → Attendees tab. Then choose attendees and approve them.

You can also approve all attendees at once. Please click on three dots and choose the option "Approve".

Then you will be requested for a confirmation to approve these attendees. There you will see a number of people you are going to approve.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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