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While using our platform, you always have a particular role at the event. We have such roles as attendees, organizers, speakers, and booth members.


This is one of the most important roles at the event. This is the person who creates the event, breathes life into it and makes all the mechanisms and details work.

Organizer has access to all the functions and the entire organizational part of the event, so to speak, "behind the scenes", from which he can regulate the whole process. Starting from adding remarkable features, inviting members, ending with the branding, event customization.

In fact, the organizer may have a different role and level of access at the event. You can learn more about it in our article.


Attendees are all those people who have access to attend the event. This is the most global role that is assigned to all PINE users who were invited to participate at the event.

It is important that even the organizer must add himself as an attendee in order to be able to view the event. Otherwise, he will only be able to customize it.


Speakers are those people who perform on stage with their speeches and listed in the eponymous menu tab.

The Speaker Hub is fully accessible to them. There they can edit their profiles, i.e. change profile picture, name, company, position, etc.

They can also go backstage from the Speaker Hub.

In case you want a speaker to attend the event, please add him as an attendee as well.

Booth member

Booth members have access to the company portal. They can go live from the booth they are linked to.

If you want a booth member to have an ability to edit the booth and customize it, then you need to add him as an admin as it is described in this guide.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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