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Do you bill backstage hours?
Do you bill backstage hours?
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We understand that it is necessary to check if everything works properly, for instance, a camera or microphone, thereby increasing the productivity of the event. Certainly, it takes time.

So when you are on the PINE backstage and the live stream has not been launched yet, you will not be charged for that.

If you stream via RTMP, you will be charged for all RTMP that you send to the platform even if the session is not started. However, when you launch the RTMP stream for the first time, we provide you with 15 minutes of the uncharged period (so-called RTMP backstage).

In addition, here you can find some information about How to launch streams and How to Set up streaming sources.

If you have any additional questions, then please feel free to contact us via our email [email protected] or drop us a message to the chat.

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