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What happens if I run out of Streaming hours?
What happens if I run out of Streaming hours?
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When preparing everything for your conference, it's highly important to check if you purchased enough streaming hours before the event. Please get in touch with the sales department at [email protected] and our managers will assist you in this matter.

Otherwise, it will lead to the unpleasant consequence such as inability to go backstage and start a stream. In case this situation happened during the event, please contact us right away in the chat on the website or at [email protected]

Meanwhile, you can always check the main information about Streaming in the Analytics section. Here you will see:

  • The broadcast time of each session

  • Your current total usage

  • The automatically estimated amount of streaming hours you need to purchase for this event

*Have a look at this article to get more details about Analytics.

Still have questions? Just drop us a line at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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