The stage is a perfect place to reach your audience. On PINE all sessions should be linked to a particular virtual stage.

How to link a session to a stage?

  1. Choose the Sessions tab, click on three dots in front of the needed session and press the Edit button.

  2. Click on the field under the word “Stages”.

  3. At this step, you can choose the stage to link or simply add another one.

    To add the Stage fill in the field, choose the color and press the Add button.

Do not forget to save your changes.

See the instruction below on how to link several sessions to the stage:

  1. Open the Sessions section and check the boxes next to the needed sessions. Put a tick to the topmost box in case you want to select all the sessions at once.

  2. Click on the Set stage button.

  3. Choose the stage from the list and click on the OK button.

How to edit stages?

Virtual Stages can be edited in the Stages tab. There you can add a cover, change the color or link a sponsor banner to your stage.

To edit a stage, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Session section and click on the Stages tab.

  2. Find three dots in front of the needed stage and press the Edit button.

  3. At this step, you can change such features like cover, title, color, visibility to everyone/groups/individual, add your banner and the following link to it.

  4. That’s it! Do not forget to click on the Save button.

If you want to delete a stage, please click on three dots in front of it and click on the delete button.

To change the order of Stages please open the Session section -> click on the Stages tab -> set up the needed order.

Please, have a look below to see stages from the Attendee App.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a message in the chat.

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