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How to subscribe?

Know how you can subscribe to PINE services

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PINE offers an annual subscription that you can use for setting up and managing events throughout a year. When you subscribe, you will have access to all the functionality of the platform for managing and setting up awesome events.

Our main plan available for subscription is Pro plan, which has a minimum subscription fee starting from $3600 and higher. The sum you pay can be used to cover the cost of 3 following parameters:

  • Active attendees. People who actively participate in your event by using the PINE app and interacting with the event (not just added registrations). The cost is $3 per active attendee per event.

  • Streaming hours. This refers to PINE or RTMP streaming for stages and rooms, and costs $20 per hour. Using 3rd party streaming solutions is free.

  • Company Pro license. This is an optional upgrade for companies that want to enhance their presence and engage more effectively with attendees. It includes a virtual booth with a possibility to stream, customizable company profile, and job listings. The cost is $100 per company per event.

Other functionality such as networking, ticketing, team members is included without any limits. And there is also no limit on the number of events that can be held throughout the year.

To subscribe, please contact our sales team at [email protected] with the information about your event.

In case of any technical questions, you can contact our support team at [email protected] or send us a message in the online chat.

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