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What do attendee statuses mean?
What do attendee statuses mean?
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Organizers can easily identify the presence of attendees on the PINE platform both before and during an event. This can be done by checking the statuses in the Content section → Attendees tab.

Also, the exact amount of attendees with any status can be found in the filter.


This status means that the person has successfully joined and actively participate at your event. Please note that you will be charged for all attendees with this status. Here you can find more details about it.


It means that the people added to the list have not yet joined your event.

  • On hold - indicates that an attendee was added to the list on the platform but the invitation has not yet been sent as the event is in the draft mode.

  • Invited - shows that the system has already sent an invitation but this person has not joined the event by clicking on the appropriate button in the invitation email. You can resend an invitation to each person manually by clicking on three dots in front of the invited attendee and choosing “Resend invitation”.

  • Pending - signifies that there are several tickets registered on the same email. Please check our article to know what should be done in this case.

  • Unapproved - denotes that you have disabled the Auto Approve function, so you should approve everyone manually after they were added to the Attendees list. Please have a look at this article to find out how to do it.

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