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Once the company has been upgraded to the pro license, the Job listings feature becomes available.

This upgrade provides a possibility to add job offers, post them on the company profile and even add a separate section in the event menu. Thus, attendees can easily check the details of each position.

Jobs can be added by organizers in the Content section. Meanwhile, company admins are welcome to navigate the Company Portal for this purposes.

Add manually

Please open the Content section → Jobs tab and click “Start” or “Add Job”. Then choose “Add manually” and specify some information about this position.

To select seniority and categories, please create them initially by clicking on three dots in the top right corner.

Once the job offer is posted, it will appear on the list. Additionally, you will see the number of clicks and views. To edit or delete any position, please click on three dots in front of it and choose the needed option.

Import data

Please open the Content section → Jobs tab and click “Start” or “Add Job”.

Then drag and drop a CSV or XLSX file. Please download the template and check the instructions initially, so everything is filled in correctly. Click here to get more details.

Sometimes company admins can see the following pop-up:

In this case you should navigate the settings of their company to change the allowed jobs count.

Moreover, below you can see how job position may look like in the Attendee App.

(To make a separate section visible, just unhide it in the Setup section → Event App)

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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