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This feature is designed for sponsors who want to place their banners on different pages of the event and gain maximum success while participating.

Sponsor Ads can be activated by the organizer in the Setup section → Sponsor ads tab. To place the banner just click on the “New Ad” button.

You will be offered to link a sponsor added to the list beforehand. To find more about sponsors click here.

When uploading banners for desktop and mobile versions, please pay attention to the recommended sizes indicated on the right side from the “upload” button.

Then add the caption, button label, target link for the banner, and choose the placement page for this particular sponsor.

Please check our Sponsorship guides for banners on different pages of the event.

Once the sponsor ad is added, you can check the statistics for total views count (T.V.), unique views count (U.V.), the number of clicks, and the engagement rate (E.R.). The status of your banner is also available for view, it can be active or inactive.

In order to stop the banner, delete, or edit it, please click on three dots in front of the ad and choose the necessary option.

Please note that while editing your sponsor ad there is no possibility to change the linked sponsor or the placement area. You can only change the banner picture, button label, and target link.

Please note that there is a sponsor banners rotation on the Meeting, Random Meeting, Live Stage and Virtual Expo List placement pages. Sponsor banners will be rotated on the page every 10 minutes.

Still have questions? Please contact us at [email protected] or in the chat on the website.

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